In Pennsylvania EcoEternity® Forest offers:

Green Burial Concept, Funeral Preplanning, Forest Cemetery, Pet Cemetery, Memorial Service Preplanning and Nature Conservation for

  • Philadelphia

  • Allentown

  • Bethleham

  • Easton, Scranton, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, New Brunswick

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Green Burial in Pennsylvania

The EcoEternity Green Burial Concept in Pennsylvania

EcoEternity Green Burial Pennsylvania

An EcoEternity Forest is an alternative green burial concept. Memorial trees are chosen as final resting places for the cremated ashes of individuals, families, friends or your family pets.


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Nature Conservation Concept
State Forester Mike Santucci

A new Nature Conservation Concept

Healthy, mature, and abundant forests are critical to a balanced environment. When there are an inadequate number of forests, the environment is slower to repair the damage done over time.

The EcoEternity Forest Nature conservation concept helps to protect the forest in Pennsylvania from logging, clear cutting or land development for 99 years.

EcoEternity Forest Green Burial is now in Pennsylvania

Green Burial in Pennsylvania

Traditional cemeteries in Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethleham, Hazleton, Easton, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre or New Brunswick serve the local community. EcoEternity Forest is not another traditional forest cemetery. EcoEternity serves people that are attached to the Pocono Mountains, Chester County, the South Central of Pennsylvania, the outdoors, forests and nature in general.

It is our goal to establish EcoEternity Forests in healthy, beautiful forests throughout the United States. Our green burial forests are already established in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and soon in New Jersey and New York State.


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How does EcoEternity Preplanning work?

Preplanning of Eco Funeral
Preplanning your Eco Funeral

Most people procrastinate the preplanning of their funeral or memorial service. However, preplanning your funeral or memorial service can save your family time and expense, and to help them make wise and informed choices that reflect your personal wishes. Here are some reasons for preplanning your funeral and selecting a tree:


  • Preplanning your funeral provides your family with information, guidance, and ideas about what is important to you and should be included in your service.
  • Preplanning your funeral prevents your loved ones from making possibly costly choices that don't reflect your own desires.
  • Preplanning your funeral provides clear outlines of your wishes which will prevent the occurrence of guilt, stress, and indecision on the part of your loved ones while they are planning your service.
  • Preplanning your funeral eases the burden on your family of planning every aspect of your service at a time that is bound to be extremely emotional and difficult for them.
  • Preplanning your funeral give you the time and resources to thoughtfully consider how you would like to be remembered.

The EcoEternity preplanning usually starts by personally visiting our forest. One of our naturists will guide you and help you select your specific tree. We encourage you to take your family members and friends along in order to come up with a consensus decision about your final resting place. After you selected your tree we encourage you to write down your preferences about your funeral service.

A very different type of Green Burial for your Pets

Different Pet Cemetery
Different Pet Cemetery

For many people their pet is part of the family. EcoEternity Forest is not the traditionally pet cemetery you usually find in Pennsylvania. In the EcoEternity Forest concept you may share your Family Tree with your pet as well. However, because it is a natural forest setting, you may inter the ashes of your cremated pet only. For this service no additional costs will occur.